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We focus on providing assistance to clients who are in need of expert legal advice and action to protect and better their interests.


De Jager De Klerk Attorneys

When you or someone you love are confronted with legal difficulties, or objectives attainable only through the implementation of legal expertise, it becomes necessary for you to acquire professional assistance that is suited to your specific needs.

Facing legal battles are often very daunting to clients and we excel at the ability to provide you with comfort and calm support during such stressful times.

We have the knowledge, experience and tenacity to help you obtain the best possible legal outcome in your situation.

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Areas of Practice

Contact us for expert advice in any of the following areas:

Family law Criminal defence
Road Accident Fund claims Personal injury claims
Divorce proceedings Contractual disputes
Eviction proceedings Bail applications
Regional Court Litigation Magistrates Court Litigation
High Court Litigation Driving under the influence
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